Joint Formula Cherry Collagen Hydrolysate 100g

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Made from Grass Fed and Finished Collagen Hydrolysate and 100% Australian cherry varieties. Cherry powder is rich in Anthocyanin which helps to block enzymes associated with inflammation. One serve includes the equivalent to 26-32 real cherries.

Helps reduce joint pain, relieves symptoms of Gout, reduces inflammation & muscle pain from extensive exercise and over use.

Although this is made with Cherry powder it is not a flavoured Cherry drink and should be mixed well with a flavoured beverage such as a juice or smoothie.


Directions:  Add one teaspoon to any hot beverage, alternatively add to any cold beverage using a shaker or mixer, add any extra flavour & sprinkle one teaspoon over the top. Mix thoroughly, let stand for 30 seconds and enjoy.

Ingredients: Grass Fed Bovine Hide Collagen and Australian Cherries.  No added sugar, yeast, gluten, salt,  artificial flavours and colours, maltodextrin.

Storage: Do not refrigerate.  Store in a cool, dry environment, keep bag sealed.

Uses:  Aids joint support, relieves symptoms of Gout, reduces inflammation & muscle pain from extensive exercise. Collagen is a necessary building block of our bodies for joint care.  Cherries contain anthocyanin compounds high in antioxidants, along with melatonin a hormone essential to regulate sleep patterns.

Proudly Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

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