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NesProteins Gelatin is a natural product that assists in improving a wide range of health benefits. It has been used since our early ancestors, where they boiled bones to extract the gelatin and nutrients to use as a source of nourishment and to improve health and wellbeing. The Amino acid profile is essentially the same as Collagen Hydrolysate, however, the protein chains are longer and as a result, it takes longer to digest. This makes it particularly good for gut issues, weight management and reducing inflammation.

Quality: Nesproteins gelatin has a high Bloom rating of 225 and is not blended with any low-grade gelatin. This means the quality as measured by bloom strength is better, with less product needed in recipes compared to using cheaper lower bloom gelatin products on the market.

Source material: Many cattle can be stuck in feed lots for up to 30 to 90 days to increase their body weight and to marble their meat.  It is our view that cattle are meant to be fed on grass, rather than be confined to feedlots and fed grains.  NesProteins Grass Fed cattle are responsibly farmed, free range, and pasture raised. This means they are free from toxic chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.

Country of origin: There is only one country where we could find suitable grass fed product and that is Brazil. All other Countries we investigated were unable to separate the source material and appeared to have a blended variety of grass and grain fed product.

Why use our  Grass Fed Gelatin?

Nesproteins gelatin is a 100% natural product that enables you to produce healthy meals and snacks for the entire family.  Gelatin may improve;

  • Digestive health (leaky gut and allergy issues)
  • Weight control and hunger regulation
  • Bone health (assists with reduced inflammation and therefore less pain and better mobility)
  • Beauty (reduces fine lines and dark circles around the eyes)
  • Skin, hair & nail
  • Building and maintain muscle
  • Injury recovery times

Why take Grass Fed Gelatin every day?

First of all it is missing from most people’s every day diet and is rich in glycine to help repair connective tissue. Secondly by Adding Gelatin to your daily diet it can help lower cortisol which is linked to stress. Thirdly gelatin is fantastic for the gastrointestinal system because the glycine in gelatin helps to repair the intestinal wall and most importantly assists the body to digest foods, thereby decreasing your bodies susceptibility to food allergies.  Finally the keratin from Gelatin can also assist with improving hair and nails.  In summary taking gelatin every day is good for digestion, repairing the gut lining and helps to improve your hair and nails.  Want to learn more about the benefits of gelatin and how to use it? Watch this short video.

Derived from collagen source (skin, connective tissue, bones). all cattle are all vet checked and certified. NesProteins Grass Fed Gelatin does not contain gluten, dairy, cholesterol, sugar, fat or MSG. Is Kosher and Halal certified with no added preservatives.

Who should use Grass Fed Gelatin?

  • People with digestive and gut issues
  • People who find it hard to lose weight and regulate their eating patterns
  • Parents looking to create healthy meals and snacks
  • Anyone looking for the health benefits of Collagen

Grass Fed Gelatin ideas

  • Make your own healthy jellies, fruit or vitamin enriched snacks
  • Add to your favourite hot or cold beverage
  • Add to thicken sauces and soups
  • Use as a binder in baking
  • Use to make deserts and jellies
  • Make luscious shower jelly soaps
  • Deep cleansing face masks

How to consume NesProteins Grass Fed Gelatin as a room temperature beverage.

Place 1 tablespoon of NesProteins grass fed gelatin in a glass and pour in 100ml of cold water while stirring and let bloom for 1 minute, then microwave for 20 to 30 second until hot,  do not let it begin to boil. Stir again for another 30 seconds. Now add approx 100 to 150 mls of  your favourite cold beverage, mix thoroughly and enjoy. The key to getting a smooth liquid drink is to ensure the final beverage is at room temperature. If you add too much cold liquid at the end, it will start to turn gelatinous.



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