The Aussie Gelatin Company was the first fully owned Australian company to introduce a grass fed and finished collagen hydrolysate to the local market. After more than 3 years of proving Australians with premium collagen products we are now excited to announce that as of August 2019 we’re taking you on our rebrand journey as we introduce you to our new business name and brand ‘NUTRAVIVA’.

Over the past few years as we have grown our business, we have moved between several business names on our packaging, ‘The Aussie Gelatin Company’ and ‘NesProteins’. After much consultation and careful planning we have decided to strengthen our purpose by rebranding to a strong new business name, NUTRAVIVA, which better communicates our commitment to supporting the philosophy of: ‘Nutrition for Life’


You may notice that we have decided to maintain our ‘NesProteins’ range, this is to ensure you that you have found our products. As we move forward we will be expanding our product range to offer you greater choice and variety when shopping with us, and as always you can expect us to work with the same honesty and integrity we have been providing for the last 3 years.

We’d like to take this time to thank you, our loyal clients and customers. Without you, this growth and exciting change would not be possible and we look forward to sharing our positive journey ahead with you.