Collagen for Beauty

Collagen for Beauty

06 Jan 201918:56

Collagen for Beauty improves your skin from inside out.  Collagen gives strength and structure to skin.  Degradation of collagen can lead to unhealthy loose skin, easily bruised and damaged.

Collagen rapidly declines as we get older.  The collagen fibres in our skin get less elastic and become brittle as we age.  In our 30’s Collagen begins to diminish until we hit our 40’s and there is no collagen production, then in our 50’s skin becomes thinner , loose and more fragile.  The key is to use a collagen supplement to boost natural collagen production inside the body, to maintain glowing plump supple skin, to remove wrinkles and fine lines from under the eyes.  Collagen also protects the outer layer of skin from UV light and hydrates the pores of the dermis and epidermis to stop your skin drying out.

Collagen for beauty comes from the unique amino acids making up the protein molecule (glycine X Y triple helix peptide chain), not found in any other protein.  Collagen is special as it has a natural prebiotic and probiotic effect, to balance microflora in the stomach.  Once in the stomach the protein peptides with unique amino acid profile are able to quickly do their work so the glycine and proline rich molecules enter the blood stream and follow the pathways to regenerate collagen to repair damaged cells.  Giving your skin a more youthful radiant texture and tone.

Collagen is vital for maintaining health hair, skin nails and muscles.  The roots of the hair are where all the nutrients come from.  The collagen surrounding the scalp activates nutrients into the hair follicles.  Nails also obtain their nutrients from cells rich in collagen.  Get rid of brittle nails forever and use a collagen supplement.

The best way to take collagen for beauty is in your favourite smoothie.  Add a scoop to any milk (soy, almond) coconut water and add your favourite fruit.

Try the Green Goddess

2 kiwi fruits chopped skin on

Handful of baby spinach leaves

1.5 Lebanese cucumber

1.5 cups of water

1 scoop of NesProteins Marine Collagen for Beauty

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 sprig of paresely

1/2 lime

ice to blend

Combine ingredients in a Nutri Bullet and enjoy.  Experiment and try your favourite combination of greens.