Lose 5 Kg before the holidays

Lose 5 Kg before the holidays

02 Dec 201818:19


It’s all about protein to avoid weight gain and depleting muscle mass as you get older.

Slim N Terrific Collagen Protein Meal Replacement formula provides protein for a healthy body.  A new study adds even more strength to that position. I n a weight-loss study, individuals who used a high-quality protein-based meal replacement lost more fat and retained more muscle when compared to the group that only restricted caloric intake.

Protein is the king of muscle food. This article speaks to the fact that one needs sufficient protein or your body will actually lose muscle mass, especially as you age. Muscle loss is common as we age, recently in the Globe and Mail newspaper there was this very interesting article on precisely that- read it here.

In light of these great results, we recommend Slim N Terrific for your afternoon shake.  This is a huge seller especially for weight loss clients as it’s lower in carbs and fat. It is made with an exceptional quality grass fed collagen protein and it tastes GREAT. One scoop provides 12g of collagen protein and 8g of fibre (soluble 4g and insoluble 4g) as well as many other vitamins. 


By simply replacing two of your four daily meals with a protein shake (for example breakfast and your 3-4pm meal) you could drop 5Kg before the holidays.

In the morning, we suggest a smoothie, add one scoop of protein powder (we love Slim N Terrific) to a recipe full of fresh or frozen fruit/vegetables. 

For the on the go meal in the afternoon, all we suggest you do is simply mix 1 scoop of Slim n Terrific (that contains multivitamins and fibre).