NesProteins Bone Broth

NesProteins Bone Broth

12 Nov 201806:39

Dehydrated bone broth is a 100% natural source of minerals extracted from Australian free range organic beef and chicken bones that is easily absorbed into your body.  

Bone broths have been known to help repair gut problems, boost the immune system, assist with managing arthritis and joint pain, aid digestion, support efficient thyroid function, combat stress, and improve skin health.

NesProteins home made dehydrated bone broth is simmered for 24 and 48 hours.  The filtration and drying process removes the fatty hot water taste found in broth pastes and allows for mixing into smoothies and any meal.

How do I take it?

One teaspoon is equivalent to 100ml of liquid broth in a jar.  Enjoy by adding to boiling water.  It’s as easy as making a cup of tea.  Dehydrated NesProteins bone broth is an easy way to have it at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.  No refrigeration needed!!  

It is great for adding or disguising (with children) into everyday foods.  Sprinkle into bolognaise, gravy, sauces, soups, sprinkled into stir fries, for that added bit of nutritional value and to keep your family healthy.