11 Nov 201807:32

Collagen is made up of 3 proteins that spiral around each other. It runs throughout every tissue in the body.

All collagen makes up a supportive matrix that unites cells, organs, and glands. 

Collagen helps to give the body its structure. It’s literally the glue that holds our body together and is the most abundant and important substance in our body, with the exception of water.

Inflammation, the symptom of most autoimmune disease (and the enemy), breaks down collagen, creating a cycle of poor internal and external health.

Bone broths are a fantastic way to get natural collagen intake however a powdered supplement of Marine Collagen is the most potent form, as oral ingestion greatly increases absorption while maintaining ease of use for consistent intake. Consistency is key here!

NesProteins Marine Collagen is tasteless, odourless and highly absorbable, and can be taken with any food types, beverages or meals, hot or cold.

NesProteins marine collagen is heat resistant meaning heat does not denature the therapeutic nutrients. You can bake it, shake it, or simply stir it! To begin it is always best to take Marine Collagen in small doses, to see how your body reacts, we recomment beginning with 5g per day if you’re gut sensitive and building up to 10g per day.


We believe by making small, consistent changes to our diet and lifestyle we are treating the CAUSE of these common issues and achieve permanent results that are easy to maintain.

Most common health problems and diseases start in the gut so today we will be delving into leaky gut syndrome, what it is, how it could be affecting you and how to heal it naturally. If you do suffer from LGS or you would like to improve your overall gut health, we highly recommend you follow these steps if you want to see and feel positive changes.

WHAT IS LEAKY GUT SYNDROME, AND DOES IT AFFECT ME? When someone has leaky gut, the lining in your digestive tract begins to weaken and holes begin to form. As it worsens these holes become bigger, so things that normally can’t and SHOULDN’T pass through, now begin to.

Some of the things that can now pass through include proteins like gluten, bad bacteria and undigested food particles. Toxic waste can also leak from the inside of your intestinal wall into your bloodstream causing an allergic response.

An allergic response causes inflammation. If this is happening after every meal you are experiencing chronic inflammation, one of the main causes of disease. If chronic inflammation from leaky gut left untreated the likelihood of developing an auto-immune disease increases substantially.Symptoms of leaky gut syndrome affect individuals differently.

Research tells us that leaky gut syndrome is linked to the cause of food allergies, low energy, thyroid disease, slow metabolism and autoimmune conditions (particularly psoriasis and eczema which we’ll talk about in depth in our next blog), skin irritation / rashes, bloating, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, acne, rosacea, mood swings, depression, anxiety and unwanted weight gain, the list goes on.

Marine Collagen taken daily promotes and supports repair to the intestinal wall to help regenerate collagen, that in turn prevents toxins getting to your blood stream and brain.