Why is NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate Simply The Best?

Why is NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate Simply The Best?

02 Sep 201805:14


Why is NesProteins collagen hydrolysate simply the best? 

The best collagen hydrolysate is Grass Fed and Finshed NesProteins.  The key reasons for such a bold statement is it’s an all in one collagen designed for supporting joints, muscle repair, beauty and gut health.  Derived from beef collagen which assimilates closest to that of human collagen, more so than marine collagen!  This is why bovine collagen is used for dressings in burn patients.  Our collagen is sustainably sourced, that come from grass fed and finished healthy animals, free of chemicals, anti-biotics, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and hormone growth muscle promotants (HGMP’s), 100% natural collagen without any additives.

Whilst all amino acids are the same, the enzymes used to hydrolyse NesProteins Collagen is what makes our collagen hydrolysate different.  The enzyme hydrolysis process we use is specific to The Aussie Gelatin Company and the molecular weight profile, along with  peptide chain length and terminal ends ensures our collagen is able to support the regeneration of all body cells, which makes NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate an all in one collagen product.

Various studies have been carried out to support the efficacies of collagen hydrolysate, one such study that involves the use of  collagen increases bone mass index in menopausal women.  The efficacy of nutraceuticals such as collagen hydrolysate to aid joint health has been widely debated.  Results reported suggest that daily consumption of hydrolysed collagen Type 1 protects against cartilage loss and stimulates the production of proteoglycan by chondrocytes in injured joints.