Benefits of Drinking Collagen Supplements

Benefits of Drinking Collagen Supplements

24 Aug 201801:31

Benefits of drinking collagen supplements is well known.

From the age of 25, women will naturally lose up to 1.5% of the collagen from their skin every year, and a high sugar diet, smoking and sun exposure can decrease levels even more dramatically.[1]

According to the latest study, published by the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture in February this year, the benefit of drinking collagen supplements “led to improvement in facial skin conditions, including facial skin moisture, elasticity, wrinkles and roughness.”

The importance of collagen should not be underestimated. Collagen is a naturally produced protein responsible for 80 per cent of all connective tissue and 75 per cent of skin – it is essentially the glue that holds the body together. It is mostly found in fibrous tissues like tendons, ligaments and skin, and is also abundant in the cornea, bones, cartilage and blood vessels. There are 28 kinds of collagen, with the body needing types I, II and III to produce all the varieties it needs. Skin is made up of types I and III and cartilage contains type II collagen[2].

Our bodies naturally produce the collagen that it needs, but this is gradually disrupted as part of the natural ageing process. Women also produce less collagen than men, and from the age of 25 this collagen is lost at a rate of around one per cent per year. This depletion of our collagen stores results in the tell-tale signs of ageing like wrinkles, sagging skin, thin hair, brittle nails, stiff joints and muscle. But this latest research is giving hope to all those looking to wind back the years[3].


The top benefits of drinking collagen supplements
A supplement delivers the collagen or collagen peptides to your body in a way that increases your levels directly. The benefits include improved skin texture, firmness and hydration, strong teeth, hair and nails, tendon and joint flexibility and strength. It can also support the recovery from injuries and muscle repair[4].

The benefits of drinking collagen supplements have been backed by multiple studies. A Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology clinical trial in 2015 showed significant increases in skin hydration and improved collagen density after eight weeks of a daily oral collagen supplement, with effects lasting after 12 weeks. The report found, “The oral supplementation with collagen peptides is efficacious to improve hallmarks of skin ageing.”

In 2014, a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 69 women between the ages of 35 and 55 revealed the benefits of drinking collagen supplements showed statistically significant improvement in skin elasticity after eight weeks, compared to the placebo group. Importantly, no side effects were noted[5].   The benefits of drinking collagen supplements from bovine collagen is preferred over marine and others because it more closely matches human collagen [6].

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