Slim n Terrific Collagen Targets Protein Metabolism

Slim n Terrific Collagen Targets Protein Metabolism

28 Jul 201805:58

Slim n Terrific Collagen Protein, with vitamin and minerals, has a multifactorial impact on various metabolic processes especially targeting muscle and fat metabolism.

Slim n Terrific collagen peptides activates muscle metabolism pathways by ensuring greater protein synthesis over protein degradation.   When protein synthesis occurs at a greater rate than protein breakdown an anabolic state exists that builds lean muscle tissues.  The other side of the coin is when higher protein breakdown occurs at a greater rate than protein synthesis, resulting in a catabolic state, that decreases lean muscle tissues.

Hence it is necessary to take Slim n Terrific with collagen hydrolysate as a protein supplement daily to increase lean muscle mass.

The Aussie Gelatin Company’s Slim n Terrific collagen hydrolysate also activates fat metabolism, through fat burning carbs like MCT, to supply energy, mandatory for the synthesis of new muscle tissue.

The AMPK enzyme is responsible for the energy transfer in the muscle cells.  The resulting stimulation of the AMPK enzyme leads to an increase in fatty acid metabolism, which provides more energy for the muscle cells resulting in a reduction of fat mass.

Due to Slim n Terrific formuated amino acid profile and its excellent bioavailability, The Aussie Gelatin Company’s Slim n Terrific stimulates fat and muscle metabolism, leading to a smaller waist line, loss of fat and development of lean muscle.  Slim n Terrific supplementation taken daily alongside 3-4 hours exercise a week helps make it happen.

Other benefits you can expect from taking Slim n Terrific collagen protein, with our unique combination of vitamins and minerals, will be healthier shinier hair, better stronger nails, and more beautiful skin.

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