NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate benefits all age groups

NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate benefits all age groups

27 Jul 201815:42

NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate supports what all age groups want: fitness, shape and strength to perform well in everyday life

Men and women between 25 and 35 years are determined and try hard to be better than the day before.

Young males use NesProteins to gain muscle mass, for visual effects and for increasing strength. Women use NesProteins to help lose weight or for shaping and body toning.

The ‘fitness generation’ is convinced that working on appearance is part of societies  expectations. So a healthy physical appearance is by far one of the main drivers!

Men and women between 40 and 55 years, do exercising occasionally to overcome disappointment and guilt.

Men are fighting against ‘the bigger belly’ and loss of masculine shape.

Women fight against weight, flab and overall loss of shape and tone – in one word: gravity pulls our bodies toward skin towards our feet if we don’t hold muscle.

Slogans like “50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30” have positive connotations for this age group – and is a call for action in a society that values keeping a youthful appearance.

In a study by Proksch et al., oral supplementation of collagen hydrolysate composed of specific collagen peptides (2.5 g/d or 5.0 g/d for 8 weeks) increased skin elasticity in middle-aged women after 4 weeks of supplementation, and a skin moisturizing effect was observed in women over 50 years of age. The supplement had a long-lasting effect, especially in women over 50 years of age [44]. Prior studies have demonstrated that collagen hydrolysate is absorbed in the digestive tract, appears in human blood partly in a small peptide form, and is deposited in the skin for up to 96 hrs [45].

With longer living expectations and a natural wish for being attractive and healthy as long as possible, people are motivated to do something for themselves. But often fail due to the  trivialities of everyday life.  To avoid such failure they take NesProteins for mobility, beauty and bone health.

Men and women between 60 and 80 years, suffering from age related muscle loss are seeing NesProteins provides light at the end of the tunnel, and a solution to some age related ailments. 

The level of suffering depends on the overall state and accompanying health ailments of the individual. Yet, all people are aware that everyday life chores like gardening, walking up stairs, are getting more difficult to achieve. The majority are aware of  ‘cause and effect’ between their struggling and muscle degradation, yet, blame it on a general side effect of aging.

NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate is for all ages and closes the gap to help consumers reach their goal by offering significant results: it improves body composition and boosts the effect of workout.

• The promise of supplementing with NesProteins in combination with regular exercise is immediately understood, compels  people to action and mirrors peoples goals.

• NesProteins products can be easily integrated into daily baking and drinks so that along with exercise routines support the growth of lean body mass and loss of body fat after just a 10-12 weeks with reasonable investment (2-3 hours exercise per week).

• After explaining the benefits of collagen in the human body, consumers are highly interested in NesProteins products.