Collagen Hydrolysate For Muscle Health

Collagen Hydrolysate For Muscle Health

24 Jul 201821:45


Collagen Hydrolysate has always been well known to assist and benefit bone health.  New research is showing it may also help with improving muscle health.  Those over the age of 41 are most likely to start to see early signs of reduced muscle mass, with those over 60 most vulnerable to sarcopenia, an age related disease that causes the loss of muscle mass and reduced mobility.  Collagen hydrolysate may go a long way to assist as it provides a unique amino acid protein profile that targets regeneration of muscle cells and connective tissue.

The importance of taking at least 15 grams of collagen protein powder per day has never been more compelling.  For this reason 3 gram capsules are proving an ineffective solution to supplement as adults would need to take 5 capsules a day!  The beauty of NesProteins Unflavoured Collagen Hydrolysate is it can be added to any drink.  Once added to milk it can also be mixed in with potato mash or other dishes.

A study in Japan showed reducing protein intake could lead to reduced muscle health.