IBS-Gut Lovin’ Gelatin

IBS-Gut Lovin’ Gelatin

08 Jul 201810:10


When I had stints in hospital growing up I use to love getting jelly and ice-cream.  There’s a very good reason hospitals give gelatin and it’s not just to try and put a smile on your face.  IBS-Gut Lovin’ Gelatin as it turns out is very good for you.

Gelatin encourages and supports truly nourished, good health, provides protein, and is very easy to digest, even helping to calm ulcers and heal the lining of the small intestine.

While that may all be well and good for post-operative inpatients, the fact is that gelatin is an essential part of a healthy diet for ALL of us.

Most of the gelatin powders we find on the market are made from the hides of feedlot pigs and are created at a very high temperature, which can turn the gelatin acidic and bitter. (I remember one batch of marshmallows I made that smelled like death itself and I finally realized the culprit was the gelatin. Gack.)

However, if you can source IBS-Gut Lovin’ Gelatin, that’s grass-fed and finished, 100% beef gelatin, that is processed at the lowest temperature possible (like this one in the red bag), the vitamin and mineral content will be much higher, as well as your ethical conscience may be assuaged. (These options are also labeled as Kosher, as porcine gelatins aren’t approved within Jewish dietary law.)

Health Benefits of IBS-Gut Lovin’ Gelatin

1. Gelatin protects your joints during exercise and helps you heal afterward.

2. Gelatin provides the amino acid, glycine, which assists the liver in ridding toxins from your body.

3. Gelatin helps heal and seal the colon so that nutrients may be absorbed.

4. Gelatin helps food gel within the stomach for more consistent digestion.

5. Gelatin reduces heartburn, ulcers, and acid reflux by binding acids with the foods.

6. Gelatin aids digestion by keeping the gastric mucosa in excellent condition.

7. Gelatin as it is found in bone broth is a hydrophilic (“water loving”) colloid. Thus, it attracts and holds liquids, including digestive juices and liquids in the food, thereby supporting proper digestion and good intestinal transit of food wastes.

8. Gelatin provides a tremendously high percentage of protein and minerals per gram, which is certainly a boon for most growing children and pregnant women!

9. Gelatin balances out your meat intake. This is one of the aspects of gelatin I find MOST fascinating! Muscle meats, which comprise the vast majority of our meat intake, contain elevated levels of the amino acids cysteine and tryptophan, which can be inflammatory over time. Gelatin, however, contains no cysteine or tryptophan and elevated levels of glycine and proline, two anti-inflammatory amino acids, thus balancing, completing, and complementing the other meat sources.

10. IBS-Gut Lovin’ Gelatin supports optimal immune function.

11. Gelatin can help regulate excess body fat when excess fat is present and maintain healthy weight when muscle and fat are in proper balance.

12. There is preliminary evidence that IBS-Gut Lovin’ Gelatin can keep cancer cells from reproducing. Interestingly enough, one study I read to this effect found that porcine gelatin had a noticeably greater effect than beef gelatin. The study did not indicate the source or methods of processing of each type of gelatin tested.

13. Gelatin, especially when consumed as bone broth, can regulate hormones and elevate mood to help balance feelings of depression.

14. Gelatin can help maximize the sensation of satiety (feeling full) between meals, thus reducing snacking.

15. Gelatin can increase cognitive performance, assisting in memory recall and the ability to learn and remember new information.

Beauty Benefits of IBS-Gut Lovin’ Gelatin

16. A diet rich in gelatin may protect against the aging effects of sunlight, preventing wrinkles in the future.

17. Gelatin smooths wrinkles by providing ample building blocks for the body to make collagen. Score!

18. Gelatin can be used as hair gel. In fact, rumor has it that gelatin is sometimes used by synchronized swimmers to hold their hair in place during their routines, as it will not dissolve in the cold water of the pool.

19. Gelatin can have a beneficial therapeutic effect on hair loss in both men and women.

20. Gelatin can help make fingernails stronger and grow faster.

21. Gelatin can help hair stay shiny and strong long-term.

22. Gelatin, due to the presence of glycine, can act as a natural sleep aid.


23. Gelatin has a quieting, protective, anti-stress effect. Some people feel it quickly, others feel it after several months, and some report that it’s just a general, underlying sense of contentment. A healthy dose of gelatin in our daily diet can calm us, balance our hormones (especially if we’ve been eating muscle meats), and just generally provide a sense of well-being.

Side note: How appropriate is it that on a site named NOURISHING JOY, the #1 reason to eat more gelatin is that it makes us feel good – mentally, emotionally, and physically?!? Ironically, I didn’t set out to write this article with that in mind. I intended that the #1 reason would be the balance of amino acids in our diet, but as I read through the research, the sense of well-being kept coming to the fore over and over. I love it when we have something in mind, but good reading through evidence-based research reminds us of a bigger picture.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some Kosher, grass-fed, 100% beef gelatin today and get happy! 🙂


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