Wholefoods NesProteins Bone Broth

Wholefoods NesProteins Bone Broth

02 Jul 201812:15

Wholefoods NesProteins Bone Broth is long slow simmered over 24 hours using bones from 100% pastured and ethically raised chickens from a certified organic Australian farm. Broth is an age-old traditional wholefood required to balance out our muscle meat and egg intake. It also builds and repairs the osteo-skeletal system, promotes healthy digestive function, makes skin and hair glow, and calms the nervous system.

All our broths were formulated in consultation with an integrative GP, and a wholefoods dietician and naturopath.

Chicken stock is our most popular of broths, presumably as it’s the most palatable and comforting. Our families grew up on chicken broth and veggies with a good dob of our favourite sauce.

Ingredients:  filtered water, chicken bones from pastured chickens*, sea salt, , thyme* and bay leaves*. *Australian certified organic.