NesProteins Gut Lovin Gelatin

NesProteins Gut Lovin Gelatin

07 Jun 201812:07

NesProteins Gut Lovin’ Gelatin in the red bag is a pure, 100% natural collagen powder made from the super-nutritious beef bones and connective tissue* of ethically and sustainably raised pasture-fed cattle. Collagen is essential to all parts of the human body, including skin, bones, tendons, ligaments and muscle tissues, particularly as we get older. This high-quality gelatin also consists of 98-99% protein and contains 18 amino acids, 8 of which must be obtained through diet and 2 that offer significant anti-inflammatory properties.

The importance of collagen in reducing wrinkles and retaining the elasticity and plumpness of skin is widely known. The ability of gelatin to assist in the healing of joints and muscle tares, reduce insomnia and improve gut health is also well-documented. The inclusion of Gut Lovin’ Gelatin in the diet can help to heal the lining of the gut by enhancing the secretion of gastric acid and restoring the stomach’s mucosal lining. This improves the break-down and absorption of food, which reduces the level of inflammation in the gut.

Other health benefits include:
– helping to seal the colon to prevent leakage of nutrients
– helping food to gel within the stomach to improve digestion.
– reducing heartburn, acid reflux and ulcers by binding acids with food
– helping to break down fats and proteins for easier absorption by the body
– assisting the liver to rid the body of toxins
– helping to build lean muscle
– assisting joints and cartilage to heal by reducing inflammation and repairing small tears
– boosting metabolism and helping with weight loss
– reducing cravings by filling the stomach
– improving sleep quality, reducing daytime sleepiness and improving memory.

As Gut Lovin’ Gelatin has no flavour, including it in baking and cooking is an ideal way to include it in your daily diet. It can be used to make jellies, gummies (chewable lollies), panna cotta, pancakes, cookies/biscuits and homemade bouillon (thin soup or stock). It can even be added to tea or coffee, and helps homemade whipped cream to hold its shape. For the recipes to some delicious goodies made using Gut Lovin’ Gelatin.

Made in Australia. Packaged in recyclable, lightweight bags made from recycled craft paper from an Australian supplier.

*These are only sourced from abattoirs that comply with the national standard for meat production, which means that all animals are effectively stunned (unconscious) prior to being slaughtered. Gut Lovin’ Gelatin contains no sulfur or hormones, falls well below the allowable limit for lead in food, and has come from cattle that have only been given antibiotics when absolutely necessary.
^Gelatin Found to Reduce Joint Pain in Athletes
~Glycine ingestion improves subjective sleep quality in human volunteers, correlating with polysomnographic changes
^^Research from Gotthoffer, NR, ‘Gelatin in Nutrition and Medicine’


Gut Health: Try to include 40 – 60g in your diet every day.

Weight loss: Stop eating at least three hours prior to bedtime and consume at least 20g of gelatin powder right before bed.

Insomnia: Try drinking 40 – 60g of gelatin in a shake or smoothie. The presence of glycine in gelatin can act as a natural sleep aid.

Whipped Cream: Sprinkle 20g of gelatin over 65ml cold water (per 1.1 litre of whipping cream) and warm over low heat until fully dissolved. Whip the cream till it begins to hold soft peaks, then drizzle the gelatin as you continue whipping until the cream holds firm peaks.