Gelatin Health by NesProteins

Gelatin Health by NesProteins

06 Jun 201813:58


Gelatin Health by NesProteins has a catch cry, if it’s not 100% grass fed it’s got chemicals and other nasties and not healthy gelatin.  Some say 100% grass fed isn’t possible, lets put this myth to bed.  NesProteins Gelatin is 100% Grass Fed.

NesProteins cattle are bred in drought proof areas, we achieve this by producing grass feed bales in sufficient quantities to keep our reputation in tact and our animals healthy all year round.  Our processing plants only feed grasses and our supply chain is fully audited against strict standards and specifications.  We can tell when an animal has been fed grains as the fat is more yellow and the offal is noticeably affected at the viscera table during inspection by our veterinary staff.

Grain fed beef can present a host of ethical, health and environmental issues as the cattle are kept in small lots, the grains force up the omega – 6 count of the meat, and using fertile land for growing grain is wasteful.

NesProtiens cattle are well looked after, we select the best breeds, pasture fed and raised on land where grains are a tabu and farming philosophies are based on feeding animals the best grass in lush fertile paddocks where animals are free to roam stress free.  We use no pesticides or herbicides.  Don’t go for gelatin that is mostly grass fed.

When animals are fed grains they invariably need antibiotics to stop them getting sick.  Animals aren’t meant to be eating grain.  Grain is only used to speed up the growing process and to put extra fat (marbelling) in the meat.

Try Australia’s favourite gelatin today and taste the difference.

Gluten Free, Lactose Free, 100% Natural.

It’s a pure natural collagen powder made from beef bones and connective tissue that is the biggest, most nutritious boon in town for healing the gut. It’s used to make jelly, fruit gummy snacks, pannacotta and a stack of kid-friendly snacks.