Chicken Bone Broth in Smoothies

Chicken Bone Broth in Smoothies

12 May 201812:24

Bone Broth Powder, Concentrate, and Liquid: What’s the Difference?

Bone Broth Powder

A bone broth powder, or a bone broth protein powder, is essentially bone broth that’s been dehydrated at a low temperature and then turned into a powder.

How to use it?

Bone broth protein powder is meant to be mixed with juice, water, nut milk, or blended with your shake, while regular bone broth powder can be rehydrated and warmed up as “instant” bone broth (but you could technically add this powder to a smoothie and any other recipes too).

What does it taste like?

Bone broth powder on its own has a bland taste, so some brands have added flavorings to their broth protein powders, such as turmeric, vanilla, or chocolate, as well as extra nutrients, like powdered greens.


At first glance, bone broth that’s been dehydrated and sold as a powder may seem genius.

  • There’s no trip to the butcher involved.
  • No prep involved.
  • Easy to travel with.
  • You have it on hand, already made, for whenever you feel like you could use the extra nutrients. Simply pour, stir, and sip.
  • Bone broth powder also tends to be less expensive per serving than premade liquid bone broth. A powder weighs less, which saves on shipping costs and saves you money.