Gut Lovin Gelatin

Gut Lovin Gelatin

11 May 201810:14


If you’re looking at that packet of gelatin wondering exactly how to use it, read on. From first timers to gut lovers, here’s our essential guide to cooking with gelatin.

What does blooming gelatin actually mean?

Unlike other powdery ingredients, such as flour, you can’t add powdered gelatin directly to a recipe. It needs to be combined with liquid and hydrated or “bloomed” first.

To hydrate NesProteins Gelatin, measure out three-and-half tablespoons of powder; add one cup of cold water; stir quickly for 30 seconds and allow to sit for five minutes until it becomes gel-like.  And that’s it!


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This bloomed gelatin is ready to use, and can then be added to recipes as required.

Bloomed gelatin may eventually solidify. If this happens, soften it back into a liquid by setting the bowl with the gelatin in a small saucepan over water simmering at medium-high heat. However, don’t refrigerate it. Bloomed gelatin should be used almost immediately.



Dissolve and stir the gelatin powder into the cold water in a small bowl and leave for 5 minutes or so to ‘bloom’ – that’s when it goes all jelly-like, in a big blob.

Heat the liquid/fruit until it’s really hot, almost boiling. If you’re using fruit, you’ll need to use a stick blender to blend it into a smooth liquid.

Then mix the two together until all the gelatin lumps are gone.

Pour or spoon into moulds, leave to cool a little and then set in the fridge.

Gelatin powder vs sheets.

Powdered gelatin has been dried and broken into individual grains, while sheet gelatin (also known as gelatin leaves) has been dried into a flat sheet. They are essentially the same stuff though, and can be used interchangeably. (Although for best results, stick to the type specified in the recipe.) As a general rule, two gelatin sheets are equivalent to one teaspoon of powder.

We prefer powdered gelatin, however, as it disperses more easily throughout a dish. And a packet of powder lasts longer than a packet of sheets!

Fun gelatin cooking facts.

  • Gelatin works best added to a warm base. If the ingredients you’ve added it to are cool it can become stringy.
  • The amount of gelatin will influence the consistency of your dish. For a firmer finish, you can also leave your gelatin-recipes to set for longer. While fridge is best, you can try setting your gummies in the freezer for a few minutes, too.