Apr 15 2017

Primal Living & Trust

NesProteins gelatin is sourced from the best pastures of Brazil, 100% pure, rich in proline, glycine and argenine, essential for muscle repair, joint care, anti-ageing and gut health. Currently South America and Brazil are the only place in the world that makes the Grass Fed Grass Finished Collagen Hydrolysate. Collagen Hydrolysate imported from Germany is made from penned grain fed cattle, blended with Chinese Gelatin. NesProteins collagen Hydrolysate is sourced from Brazil and there are plans afoot to compliment this with an Australian Made Collagen Hydrolysate. NesProteins Grass Fed Grass Finished collagen Hydrolysate is winning all triangular testing amongst cheaper US imports and cheaper low quality product. When it comes to quality and reliability you can't trust anyone else with your health than NesProteins. Switch today, after all, you're family is worth it!