Apr 15 2017

Vital Proteins Collagen Hydrolysate compliments meat products

Using gelatin as a major dietary protein is an easy way to restrict the amino acids that are associated with many of the problems of ageing. When only the muscle meats are eaten, the amino acid balance entering our blood stream is the same as that produced by extreme stress, when cortisol excess causes our muscles to be broken down to provide energy and material for repair. The formation of serotonin is increased by the excess tryptophan in muscle, and serotonin stimulates the formation of more cortisol, while the tryptophan itself, along with the excess muscle-derived cysteine, suppresses the thyroid function. To process the meat proteins and avoid cortisol excess we recommend 10 grams of NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate at approximately the same time, so that the amino acids enter the blood stream in balance.