Dec 22 2016

Why is Gelatin Hydrolysate So Good For You?

Many years ago a lot of soups and stock were made using bone broth, extracting gelatin and collagen from the bone. These days there are a lot more processed foods in our diet that lead to health issues. The Aussie Gelatin Company is working to change this! Our NesProteins Gelatin Hydrolysate (Collagen Hydrolysate) is your answer to the past. Our product is 100% Natural, giving all the health benefits without the work and energy to cook bone broth. Technology is able to convert the equivalent goodness of bone broth into a powder, for easy use and convenience. Our product prevents Leaky Gut and digestive problems. As soon as you start using our product you will notice the difference to your intestine and bowel function. The first few days will cleanse, then repair commences.