Dec 26 2016

Paleo Omelette

Ingredients: 3 large organic eggs 1 tbsp water 1 tbsp 100% Natural NesProteins Grass Fed Collagen Hydrolysate Salt & pepper to taste Ghee/butter/coconut oil for the pan about 2-4 tbsp fillings The fillings can be just about anything: nitrate free organic bacon tomato, mushroom & basil capsicum, you name it. Instructions: Heat up ghee/butter/coconut oil in the pan on medium to high heat (our stove is 1-9 scale and I use 6). Add eggs, water, salt and pepper into a bowl and gently mix together. (For some reason this seems to work better if you don’t mix the eggs too frothy.) Once mixed sprinkle NesProteins Collagen Hydrolysate over the top and mix once more. Once pan is hot, pour mixture in slowly. Place fillings onto one half of the pan. Once the eggs are starting to set, fold the empty side of the omelette over the fillings and turn the heat down (from 6 to 3 on our stove). – This is best done with a flexible spatula and takes a bit of practise. (Many mornings I end up folding the omelette in two or three pieces, but luckily that doesn’t affect the taste.) Place a lid (or a plate) over the pan and let the omelette set for a couple of minutes. Make sure it doesn’t burn and if your stove retains heat very well, you might even want to lift the pan off the element. Leaving the eggs soft (but not watery) in the middle makes for the most delicious results. Enjoy! Tip: Once you fold the omelette, you can use the empty half of the pan to sauté or heat up something to go with your breakfast. We often sauté spinach or kale on the side, or heat up leftover veggies, a tomato, or what ever you want to serve with your omelette!